Value Our Service

NSW Paramedics are currently the lowest paid in the country thanks to the Wages Policy and a Government that doesn't value our service.

Value Our Service

The wages policy is a law that's been in place since 2011 making it illegal for NSW Public sector workers, such as those working in emergency services, to receive a pay rise above 2.5% without trade-offs.

In order to achieve the professional rates of pay we deserve, our members have chosen to fight for professional recognition to deliver better patient outcomes, increased job satisfaction and remuneration.


Why a Ground Campaign?

In order to get a pay rise from the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC), you need to find savings of $4 million for every 1% pay rise above 2.5%. This means trading off conditions (such as penalties) as the Ministry of Health sees fit.

Our boots-on-the-ground campaign has already led to significant changes in staffing levels and the formation of a joint task force with ADHSU, the Ministry of Health, NSW Ambulance and NSW Government representatives to engage in delivering professional recognition for NSW Paramedics.

What we know is to achieve the outcome that NSW Paramedics deserve, we can't just rely on the taskforce - we need to be active and involve the community and our peers in putting pressure on Government to deliver what we deserve, professional recognition.


What would Professional Wages for NSW Paramedics mean?

Paramedics in NSW are now registered professionals with a high level of clinical skills and responsibility. Professional recognition would reflect the clinical excellence of this workforce. It would mean delivering better patient care despite your postcode and higher remuneration for Paramedics.

Other industries that have professionalised have fought for and won pay rises as big as 39%.

Members of the Ambulance Division of the HSU will fight for a pay rise that is in line with the value of service that NSW paramedics provide.

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