Why join the HSU?

Being a union member is one of the best decisions you can make in your working life.

Group of Members

Working together

What it means to join a Union

Membership in the HSU means standing alongside 50,000 health workers who are fighting for a better working life, every day.

As HSU members, we fight together for better wages, working conditions and job security. By joining, you can help us in securing this future for all health workers.


We're here for you

Have you ever run into an issue at work?

As a member, you'll receive expert advice on your rights at work and support if you run into trouble at work, such as bullying, harassment or an unfair dismissal.

Read more about how we support our members, and how we specialise our support to your industry within the health sector.


Member Benefits

A great range of member benefits & entitlements

Membership also unlocks a range of member benefits such as; emergency ambulance cover, journey insurance and much, much more. Find out more about the benefits of union membership here.

The more of us who band together, the stronger we become!