Terms & Conditions

I declare that the information provided is true and accurate and agree to abide by the registered rules of The Health Services Union NSW/ACT/QLD, which may be amended from time to time. The Health Services Union NSW/ACT/QLD Union Policies and Procedures adopted by the Union Council are publicly available here.

I understand The Health Services Union NSW/ACT/QLD may refuse my membership if any of the information outlined above is found to be false in any respect.

I understand and accept that the Secretary has the discretion to decline or limit advice or service for an industrial or workplace issue I might have which existed prior to my financial membership of the Union. I am aware that information about the privacy policy can be found here, and membership benefits can be found here. I understand that Insurances and other benefits only apply to financial members of the Union.

I understand that in order to resign from my membership, I must contact the Health Services Union NSW/ACT/QLD by phone and I may be required to submit my resignation in writing by email.