Special Commission of Inquiry

On 24 August 2023, the NSW Government announced the formation of a Special Commission of Inquiry into Healthcare Funding.

The Inquiry is intended to examine:

  • the existing governance and accountability structure of NSW Health
  • the way NSW health funds health services delivered in public hospitals and community settings
  • strategies available to address escalating costs, limit wastage and identify areas of improvement in financial management.
Trisha Hann lobbying politicians for an inquiry into public health spending

The Government didn’t just decide to implement this Inquiry – HSU members fought hard for years to make it happen.

As any HSU member working in NSW Health can tell you, the system is plagued by bottlenecks, over-servicing and waste. The Health budget is enormous – $33 billion, or a whole third of the NSW budget – but it simply isn’t getting to where it needs to go.

That’s why we need a Special Commission to uncover funding arrangements and redress imbalances.

HSU members are standing up to keep our universal health system functioning. We can’t afford to lose it for future generations. We’re telling our stories to the Special Commission and ensuring that we have a fit-for-purpose health system for both patients and health workers.

Tina Gock Young lobbying politicians for an inquiry into public health spending

More important information

A message from HSU Secretary Gerard Hayes