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With 47,000+ members across NSW, ACT and QLD, you’re in good company!

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The HSU is a specialist union that covers members working in public hospitals, ambulance, aged care, allied health, private hospitals, imaging, pathology and disability care. With 47,000 members across NSW, ACT and QLD, you’re in good company!

Read HSU submission to Special Commission of Inquiry into Healthcare Funding (NSW)

Did you know that one third of the NSW state budget goes into NSW Health? That’s a whopping $33bn per year.

Thousands of HSU members have told their stories about wastage in NSW Health. The HSU has now reported this in our submission to the Special Commission of Inquiry into Healthcare Funding (NSW).

A key recommendation is this: Undertake a national review of the pay and conditions in the healthcare workforce. Because we can’t have a world class healthcare system without health workers.

Bottlenecks, over-servicing, waste – these are all concerns that need to be dealt with. The Special Commission has the authority to subpoena documents and scrutinise expenditure to root out where the issues are.

And we can share our vision of what Health should look like: a well-paid workforce where community and preventative health has a strong part to play, and universal healthcare is upheld and supported.


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Uncontested Offices

Casual Vacancy Election

The results of the election for the following offices conducted in accordance with the
provisions of the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009 and the rules of the
organisation are:

New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory/Queensland Branch - Local Health

Branch Councillor (1)



New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory/Queensland Branch - Non-Public Sector
Aged Care

Branch Councillor (1)



As the number of nominations accepted did not exceed the number of positions to be filled, I
declare the above candidates elected.

Hanish Gupta
Returning Officer
Telephone: 03 9285 7111
Email: [E-Mail not displayed]

AEC Post-Election Report


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Being a union member is one of the best decisions you can make in your working life.

If you work in health, aged care, or disability services, there's never been a better time to stand with 47,000 workers across NSW, ACT & QLD in the fight for better wages and conditions for all health workers! 


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It's the active involvement of HSU members that determines our direction and whether we succeed or fail.

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