The NSW Government offer and how to vote

What is the offer from the Government?


  • Option one: A $3502 increase to health workers’ base pay, regardless of your specific job classification within the hospital.


  • Option two: A 4% increase in pay across all job classifications.

Superannuation: In order to meet legal requirements, the Government will provide an additional 0.5% superannuation.

Salary Packaging: The Government has also offered to stop deducting an additional 10% of your salary packaging benefits. This means you would receive 60% of your salary packaging tax benefits.

However, the Government has not made any additional commitments to stop the steal which includes a timeframe to achieve 100%

Award reform: The Government has said they will commence Award reform immediately.

Royal Commission: The Government has committed to undertake a Special Commission of Inquiry into NSW Health which will have the same power as a Royal Commission.

Where to from here?

HSU members may refuse to accept either of the above Government offers and continue campaigning. The options will be as follows:

  1. Members will be asked to vote on whether either of the packages are acceptable.
  2. If members decide one of the packages is acceptable, then they will vote on whether to support the 4% or $3,500 pay increase. 

If members decide that neither pay offer or the salary packaging commitment is acceptable, then HSU members will continue to campaign.

Will I get a chance to have a say?

HSU members will have the opportunity to vote online or in person at your local union meeting. Members will be contacted with the details of their local meetings.

Does this affect all NSW Health employees?

The proposed pay rise will apply to all employees who are under HSU Awards.

Is the Government offer a one-off payment?

No, these pay increases will remain part of the base rates of pay.  

I work part time or casual, how will the Government’s proposal apply to me?

The proposed increase in base rates will apply to all employees.

Will the $3500 or the 4% be taxed?

A $3500 increase to the base rates or a 4% pay-rise will be part of your regular income. Your income will continue to be taxed at the usual rate.

Why is the flat increase being put to members to consider?

Increases to the cost of living impact all members of the community equally. A flat increase of $3500 to base rates would mean all employees get the same dollar increase. A percentage based increase would result in members getting the same percentage increase.

Who gets to vote?

Only HSU members will be able to vote on whether the union accepts either option put forward by the government, or rejects both of them and continues the campaign. If you know someone who is affected but isn’t yet a member of the union, tell them to join today and have their say.