I support private pathology workers

YES! I support private pathology workers!

Pathology workers are hard-working, determined professionals carrying out a challenging job.

A survey of private pathology workers recently revealed they're committed, loved their jobs and valued their patients. But the same survey revealed a shocking 77 per cent of HSU private pathology members had seriously considered leaving the industry in the past 12 months because of a lack of respect from management, low pay, poor working conditions, understaffing and the lack of personal development in their workplaces.

More than 50 per cent of them also do not see themselves still working in the industry in three years' time - despite their love and dedication to the job.

It's time for community members to say they support pathology workers. Tell management it's high time to start showing private pathology workers respect by adding your name to the below petition and saying "Yes! I support private pathology workers!".