Core Conditions

Log of Claims

HSU members demand safety at work through:

  1. A requirement for NSW Health to ensure workplaces are sufficiently staffed and resourced. An understaffed health system is an unsafe health system.
  2. Enforceable rights to uninterrupted meal breaks, and a ten-hour break between shifts and recalls to duty.
  3. Ten days additional personal leave in recognition of the risks associated with working in Health.
  4. An additional week of annual leave for all employees to recognise the stress associated with working in NSW Health.

HSU members demand respect at work through:

  1. A requirement for NSW Health to provide 4 weeks’ notice of rosters because work life balance is non-negotiable. Rosters cannot be changed without mutual agreement.

HSU members demand recognition. Staff will not continue to do work they are not paid for.

  1. Higher duties are paid after two hours.
  2. 100% salary packaging.

HSU members stand in solidarity. All employees at NSW Health are critical to providing world class healthcare.

  1. Everyone has access to the same core conditions.
  2. No one is worse off as a result of Award reform.
  3. Improved rights for Union Delegates to advocate for and support their colleagues, including paid time to undertake union activities.
  4. The right to attend union meetings in paid time. (2 hrs/month)
  5. Improved rights for new workers to meet with Union Delegates face to face during their orientation.
  6. Improved consultation about workforce changes.