NSW Healthcare Workers Strike In Push For Higher Pay & More Staff

Triple M, 7 April 2022

Thousands of healthcare workers across New South Wales have walked off the job today in yet another push for higher pay and better staff to patient ratios.

This is the third time healthcare workers across the state have gone on strike in under two months, the most recent of which was on March 31 when hospital workers and nurses participated in a 24-hour strike.

Today’s strike will see paramedics strike between 7AM and 8AM while still responding to emergency calls.

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From 10AM until 2PM, other staff including administration and cleaning and kitchen staff will strike alongside hospital staff who will strike between 10AM and 12PM.

The government have offered a 2.5 percent pay rise which the Health Services Union says won’t even cover inflation.

In response, the union are demanding at least a 5.5 percent pay increase.

Healthcare workers are also demanding more workers after staff to patient ratios were criticised.

Patients across NSW are being warned of longer waiting times and delays as a result of today’s strikes.

The government have responded to the Health Services Union’s demands by praising healthcare workers for their hard work throughout the course of the pandemic.

NSW HSU secretary Gerard Hayes said healthcare workers aren’t looking for praise, they are looking for higher pay and better working conditions.

"Health and hospital workers are sick of mealy mouthed rhetoric. We don't need another politician thanking us for being heroes of the pandemic. We need a pay rise," he said.