ACL: Couriers take a united stand for a safer workplace

For the past few months HSU Courier delegates and Health and Safety Reps (HSRs) have been consulting with ACL Management about major changes to the workloads and runs affecting the Courier work group.

Throughout these discussions a number of issues have been raised which we believe will have an impact on members’ health and safety when performing their duties, including:

  1. Providing training on the new systems and runs
  2. System to manage time pressures
  3. Systems to manage fatigue and mental stress
  4. System to manage vehicle maintenance
  5. Manual handling concerns
  6. Oversized and overused equipment
  7. Pay entitlements and pay advice irregularities.

Despite making numerous requests for complete information to ensure members’ safety, ACL have failed to provide this information in full.

Having a safe workplace is not only a moral obligation for any employer, it’s also a legal obligation under the WHS Act.

We know having good safety systems for our members in their working environment leads to better outcomes for all. That’s why, today, the Courier-elected Health and Safety Representatives formally wrote to ACL with these concerns – see letter at this link.

HSU Delegates and HSRs will always stand up and fight for members’ rights to be safe in their workplace and we’ll use every option available to us to ensure this occurs.

If you’re working in other areas of ACL and have safety concerns which aren’t being addressed, or want to know how your area or department can elect Health and Safety Representatives, you should contact your Delegate or Union Organiser for more information.

Now is the time for everyone to unite and join the Union to demand a safer workplace. New members can join at or call 1300 478 679.