ACL: Do you want better wages and conditions?

ACL General Employees Meeting @ ACL car park 14 Lexington Drive Bella Vista, 10am - 11am, Sunday 13 August

Did you know employees working for ACL in other states have better wages and conditions?

Why? Because ACL have negotiated Enterprise Agreements with their staff and Union.

Recently HSU members called on ACL to start negotiating an Enterprise Agreement for employees in NSW.

ACL refused, stating “We advise that ACL declines your request. ACL does not wish to negotiate an enterprise agreement for the specified employees.”

You contribute to ACL’s success. Don’t you think you deserve a share of the massive profits ACL posted last year?

ACL employees in NSW work above and beyond to make ACL the one of most successful pathology companies in Australia. But according to ACL, this just doesn’t justify better pay and conditions.

Now HSU members will unite to demand to be paid what you are worth.

This is your pay and conditions. It’s time to take charge. Every ACL employee is asked to commit to attending our next 1-hour General meeting where we will decide the next steps in our campaign.

When: Sunday 13 August
Where: ACL 14 Lexington Drive, Bella Vista, carpark opposite Unit 101
Time: 10-11am

Click here for our latest flyer which you can print and distribute throughout your workplace.

To confirm your attendance, please speak to your HSU workplace delegates or send your name and classification to your Union Organiser via SMS 0425 181 361 or email [E-Mail not displayed].