ACL Rest Breaks: Dispute Notification

HSU Delegates have reported that some workers at Australian Clinical Labs may not be receiving their entitled rest breaks.

Your breaks are important. Everyone has the right to:

  1. A rest period after overtime: If you have worked overtime, you should receive a 10hr break before commencing your next rostered shift.
  2. Breaks during shift: You should have access to both the ten-minute paid and thirty-minute unpaid meal breaks during shifts.

Breaks ensure your safety at work. Complete the HSU Survey here about your breaks:

HSU delegates have now lodged a formal dispute with Australian Clinical Labs about breaks. ACL management must provide a safe workplace for all employees and union members will hold them to account.

If you have any concerns about not being able to take appropriate breaks, contact Organiser Brendan Roberts via email [E-Mail not displayed].

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