ACT Health: Revised Accommodation Arrangements, Bowes St Woden

ACT Health Directorate is seeking feedback on next phase of revised accommodation arrangements for staff at Bowes St Woden.

The Directorate is seeking feedback on the next steps with the following options below:

  1. Option A - Status quo+ this would mean continuing with the roster system but with small changes to make sure divisions are allocated to the same floor on all of their days in the office.
  2. Option B - 5-day neighbourhoods this would mean divisions are allocated a ‘neighbourhood’ - a designated area in Bowes Street where team members can come in on any day that suits.
  3. Option C - 5-day open access this would mean anybody can come in to Bowes Street, any day and sit in any space. Closely aligned with how things work in most other ACTPS flexi spaces and work sites.

You can view the correspondence at the below links:

What do you think?

It’s important for union members to lead this discussion. How will this affect you? Please send your feedback on this proposal to [E-Mail not displayed] by COB Monday 6 November using the subject line Bowes Street Woden Accommodation.

Your union at work

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