ACTPS Core Offer Number 3

  • Published April 18, 2023

After union members spoke out against the poor pay offer, the ACT Government has provided a third response to union claims.

There are two changes to pay from the previous offer.

  1. The 0.25% increase to super proposed for January 2026 has been increased to 0.5%.
  2. The Permanent Part Time and Casual Employees who work above .5 FTE will receive the entire $1,250 cost of living bonus (less tax) at the time your agreement is voted up.

All other components of the previous offer remain the same. See our last update here for that information.

The following is a summary of what the Territory has included in this offer in addition to the previous offer:

  • Agreeing to undertake a classification review to ensure no classification falls under a minimum salary of $62,860 across the whole of the ACTPS by December 2024.
  • Change employees from accruing personal leave annually to daily. After hearing from union members, the Territory has put the two following conditions forward to ensure no existing or new employee is worse off under this arrangement:
    • All new permanent full time employees will receive a one-off credit of 18 days personal leave at the commencement of employment, this will then be followed by daily accrual.
    • All temporary full time employees will receive a one-off credit of 9 days personal leave at commencement of employment, followed by daily accrual. This will also be applied to permanent part time employees, but on a pro-rata basis.
    • Current permanent and temporary employees will receive a one off credit of 18 days personal leave at transition, followed by daily accrual. This will also be applied to PPT employees on a pro-rata basis.

There are no further additions or changes from the previous offer. This includes the pay component. See the full correspondence here.

The Government say this is their final position. But there is more bargaining to be done!

As always, if you have feedback regarding the offer, please speak to your local organiser Nathan Collins at [E-Mail not displayed] or HSU Industrial Offer Andrew Gallagher at [E-Mail not displayed].

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