ADHSU claims $100 payment for each extension of shift >120 minutes

  • Published September 27, 2021
  • Industries

ADHSU wrote to NSWA on 9 September demanding a new allowance of $100 payable on each occasion a member’s shift is extended for 120 minutes or more.

The payment can be increased if the member shows evidence that they privately sourced ‘reasonable conveyance’, such as a taxi home and the total cost is more than $100.

The allowance is to be paid on top of all other penalties and meal allowances.

The allowance can be used for whatever the member wants, including a nicer meal to assist in recuperating from unreasonable overtime.

This extension of shift allowance is part of a suite of claims ADHSU intends on making in the coming weeks/months to address the unreasonable burden being placed on Ambulance membership throughout the pandemic (including the potential of working with an unqualified crew member such as a firefighter).

This claim is potentially caught up in the no extra claims clause in the Award, however given the circumstances, we think the Ministry of Health should pay it anyway.

We are yet to receive a response.

Professional pay fight

As we get closer to ‘freedom day’ we must also get ready to restart the fight for professional pay.

As you know, APA has withdrawn its risky ‘Major Industrial Case’ which means ADHSU members no longer have the threat of trade-offs for a pay rise.

Paramedics can now focus solely on the ADHSU’s highly aggressive ground campaign to secure a professional wage that is reflective of the value that is put for the community day in day out.

True, many members are beyond exhausted because of the pandemic, however soon it’s going to be time to dig deep and restart the battle.

We will put out a survey shortly to gauge member views on when and how they’d like to restart action for all claims including the new extension of shift allowance.

In unity,

Gerard Hayes

Secretary, HSU NSW/ACT/QLD