ADHSU paramedic vote on action in support of professional pay campaign

  • Published February 10, 2023
  • Industries


We are now only 43 days out from the state election and we are yet to receive a formal offer from the NSW Government regarding the professional recognition of NSW paramedics.

For new members, last year ADHSU delegates worked with the government on a paramedic professional pay taskforce.  All the new skills/knowledge/decision-making authority that have come in over the years, plus further changes that could occur if professional pay flowed, was examined.

It is ADHSU delegates’ position that current and future base-level paramedics should be paid on parity with clinical nurse specialists.

We have been waiting for months for the government to respond to our claim of the same pay as CNS’ and we can wait no longer.

Think about it – NSW paramedics currently undertake a near mirror-image skillset with QLD paramedics, but QLD paramedics are guaranteed to earn just over $100K in three short years. That’s not a paramedic specialist, that’s equivalent to a NSW P1.

NSW paramedics are getting ripped off and together, ADHSU paramedics are going to make this an election issue. The time to take action is now. One recommended ban is on P5s. If the government isn’t going to pay paramedics as professionals, why should they take the professional risk of leaving a patient at home?

Please take a moment to vote on a range of protest and industrial action set to commence next Friday 17 February. Voting ends on 1000 Tuesday 14 February.

There is a video message available here.