Agreement for the COVID cohort

  • Published December 21, 2021
  • Industries

The standard practice for grad classes is to do a stint of training in the school, then time on the road, then back for an in-service, all within 12 months. Once they pass the in-service, they return on road as P1 paramedics paid at the year one rate.

There are occasions when the in-service occurs slightly before the 12-month mark, and others when it is slightly after. Not so for last year’s ‘COVID Cohort’ of grads.

Despite starting in April 2020, the COVID Cohort (approx. 180 grads) where told that ‘due to COVID’ they would not be brought back to school for their in-service until November/December 2022.

Not only were their careers being held back through no fault of their own, so was their pay. ADHSU delegates responded by immediately raising a dispute with NSWA and the Ministry.

Finally, after more than a year, a settlement has been reached.

Members of this COVID Cohort will now receive full back pay from the time they finished their 12-month on road training to the point of completing their in-service, provided they have successfully completed their in-service.

Eligible members should now expect to receive this payment in mid-January 2022. After long negotiations, ADHSU delegates are pleased that a fair outcome for members has been secured.