'An incredible result': HSU members claim victory in wage battle

As I speak to you, I’m full of pride for HSU members, your achievements, and your fighting spirit.

HSU members have spent the last two years fighting the NSW Government for a decent pay rise. Members have gone on strike, lobbied local politicians, stood up for yourselves and for your communities. And now members have won!

  • Members have forced the NSW Government to override its own wages policy and commit to a 3% pay rise in 2022.
  • Permanent NSW Health workers will also receive a $3000 payment in recognition of your efforts during the pandemic. Read the Government press release here.
  • This means 2022 pay rises will be much more than 5.5%!

Union members have made this happen by standing together and never giving up the fight.

So what does this mean for you?

Below are some indicative amounts for sample classifications, based on current rates:

While the $3000 amount is a one-off payment, the Union will continue to fight for the ability to freely negotiate fair wage increases into the future, and to modernise antiquated awards.

This is a very proud day for HSU members. Coming directly after the incredible win secured by HSU Paramedic members yesterday, it’s clear that the HSU is a force to be reckoned with.