Award negotiations commence for NSWA Control Centres

  • Published April 17, 2024
  • Industries


Today, Wednesday 17 April, the award negotiation committee made up of ADHSU members from all four Control Centres and supported by the HSU Divisional Secretary, industrial officer and organisers met with representatives from the Ministry of Health at St Leonards.

This meeting was to share the log of claims for a new award and allow the ministry to ask questions before coming back to membership with a formal response.

At the end of last year NSWA paramedics secured part of the pay rise associated with the Priority 1 Professional Recognition campaign, to be spread over four years. Now it’s time for Control members to launch the One Campaign: One Job, One Wage.

The Non-Clinical Control Centre Officer Award will expire on 30 June, and meeting now is essential to ensure the Ministry of Health can get bargaining parameters from government to come back to the table for productive discussions.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the committee gave the ministry one week to come back to membership with the bargaining parameters. Another meeting will also be held in a fortnight.

It’s important for members to stay informed and continue to provide feedback to their local delegates. The ministry has asked for further clarification of the log of claims, and delegates and members will meet again to get these details right. If the Ministry fails to act in good faith and come back in a timely manner, members may be forced to take action.