Award Reform: The Ministry seeks a meeting!

This afternoon the Ministry of Health has written to the HSU, officially agreeing to commence Award negotiations and have sought a preliminary meeting next week.

For over a decade, Health Professionals have lagged behind colleagues in other states and sectors in both pay and conditions. The primary reason for this has been the wages cap, which prevented negotiating changes to our Awards. Today is an important and crucial step in addressing the lost decade for Health Professionals.

HSU members have fought for Award reform since the wages cap was introduced. Now, we can take this next challenge on.

Over the last 12 months, Health Professionals have established member-led Industrial Advisory Committees to research and prepare the specific HSU Health Professional Award claims. All Health Professional members will have their say on exactly what we put forward to the Ministry when Award Reform discussions commence.

This Friday, there will be an Award Reform briefing for Health Professionals to continue consulting on the appropriate structure for Awards moving forward. It is crucial that all Health Professionals come along and make your voice heard.

To register your interest please use the following link:

Award negotiations are complex and challenging, but I believe our membership is united in efforts to achieve long-overdue outcomes to address the current crisis in Health.