Bans remain on over the weekend

  • Published January 22, 2021
  • Industries

Unfortunately, the Service is yet to meet our demands for genuine consultation regarding the recruitment of part-time graduates. The Service has been reminded of our demands multiple times and have not yet made any attempts to meet them. As such, bans continue over the weekend.

Unionism is often a fight about morals. This fight is about holding NSWA to account when their moral compass is nowhere to be seen. 

Recruiting part-time graduates into career-long underemployment simply to shave off a few dollars of overtime is immoral.

To do so by deliberately not giving these graduates all the relevant info to make informed decisions about their future employment is immoral.

To prey on the fears of graduates being stuck without a job in a recession so that they can be used as roster fodder (instead of joining our fight for extra funding to maintain rosters) is immoral.

To cover up an attempt to casualise the graduate workforce by calling it “workplace flexibility” while existing employees are denied access to flexible work practices is not only immoral, it’s insulting.

If NSWA refuse to genuinely consult on a proposal that fundamentally changes the way the service recruits new employees, what else will they try to sneak past the keeper? What else are they hoping we won’t notice? We cannot and will not let them get away with this.

The following bans remain in place:

  • Withholding debtor details
    • EMR should say address as “address not found”
    • Continue to input name and D.O.B.
  • Delay pushing off-stretcher on the MDT until all other duties complete
    • If your status is changed by someone who is not you, politely remind them that you are following industrial action
    • For control members, if you are asked by a manager to change the off-stretcher status of a car that is not required for an urgent job, simply state that you are an HSU member and respecting current industrial action
  • Ban on non-urgent transfers between 2200 and 0700
    • Non-urgent transfers are transfers from a higher level of care to a lower level of care and non-time critical cases
    • In the interest of patient safety, time-critical cases, including R3’s, are exempt from this ban
  • Ban on all discharges 24/7 – Hospital to Home transfers (including aged care facilities) once treatment is complete 

Members are encouraged to check their emails in the coming days for updates regarding current bans and future action regarding pay and conditions.