BaptistCare supports HSU Work Value Case

  • Published March 25, 2022

When we launched our Aged Care Work Value Case calling for wages to increase by 25%, we knew we had the support of the community. They had seen throughout the pandemic that you and your colleagues were on the frontline, putting yourselves and your families at risk to keep our most vulnerable safe.

But while employers were quick to say thank you to an exhausted aged care workforce, most were reluctant to say you deserved a pay rise.

In contrast your employer, BaptistCare, has made a strong submission to our Work Value Case, supporting an increase to your wages.

“BaptistCare believes our staff deserve a significant increase to the relevant Awards that apply to aged care provision. Aged care employees perform extraordinary work in helping care for the most vulnerable in our society. Their work is nuanced and complex, and has increased in the complexity over time as Standards and funding become more and more person-centred” 

Read the full submission here.
We want to acknowledge BaptistCare for its support of you and your colleagues in our fight for better wages. 

We know this doesn’t address the immediate issues facing members but this submission shows that not only do we have the support of the community, we have the backing of employers. 

The only missing piece is the Federal Government.

Next week we will be down in Canberra to rally with HSU members for the Federal Government to support our Work Value Case. 
Wednesday 30th March
10:30AM at Federation Mall
Parliament House, Canberra
This will be the last time politicians will be in Canberra before the federal election. Join us as we loudly demand action on aged care. Contact [E-Mail not displayed] to find out more.