Bargaining update: HSU members’ response to St Vincent’s Lismore proposals

During the past fortnight, HSU members have provided feedback on the position taken by St Vincent’s at the bargaining table.

Overall, members are supportive of St Vincent’s increased remuneration proposal:

  • 5 per cent increase to wages backdated to May 2023, and a further 5 per cent increase in May 2024. St Vincent’s has stated this is their “best and final” offer.
  • 5 per cent increase to existing allowances, including (but not limited to) the allowances for: linen; leading hand; uniform/laundry; on-call.
  • Superannuation contribution to be paid to an employee while they are on paid maternity leave.

What next?

Your HSU bargaining committee will make a final push for improvements to our remaining claims - like better rostering entitlements and recall conditions. Hopefully this will lead into a vote on the proposed agreement.

In the meantime if you have any further feedback, questions or comments, email [E-Mail not displayed].

A union is power in numbers. Let your colleagues know that they can join the HSU at or call 1300 478 679.