Belmont Cleaning Proposed Roster

The HSU has received feedback from members that the drop-down roster that is currently in place is difficult and not conducive to work-life balance. For this reason, the cleaning staff at Belmont have worked on a roster proposal that they feel will continue to provide both essential cleaning services to Belmont Hospital but also takes into consideration the employee’s work life balance.

We are reviewing the proposed roster that has been provided to ensure it meets with the Award conditions.

The proposed start date for the roster change is 21 June. We are now asking members who will be affected by the roster to review and provide feedback to your HSU organiser by COB Friday 4 June 2021.

The proposed roster can be viewed at this link. If you have any comments or concerns regarding this proposal, please contact your HSU Organiser Tracey Gaddelin via email [E-Mail not displayed].

The HSU reminds members that the majority view of the membership will determine the implementation of this proposed roster.

Please provide comments to Tracey by COB 4 June 2021.

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