Casual paramedics finally made permanent

  • Published December 22, 2021
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For the past few months, ADHSU delegates have been busy negotiating with NSWA to secure permanent positions for casual paramedics who have been working constant hours for several months.

As we know, paramedic work is anything but casual. Not only is there a shortage of paramedics in NSW, demand is constantly growing. Patient demand far outstrips the available paramedic supply. It's shouldn't take a union to have to point this out.

Of course, casual paramedics working throughout the pandemic have had an extra layer of uncertainty and financial insecurity on top of an already stressful workload.

After much back and forth with the Service, ADHSU has been able to push for common decency and negotiate permanent part time contracts, based on hours worked, for casual members who elected to be put forward and met the criteria.

This is a great win after months of uncertainty. It represents a pathway toward full time permanent work, while maintaining some flexibility to take on additional shifts if desired.

This offer from NSWA means these once-casual members now have the stability of permanent employment, including paid annual and sick leave as well as planned rosters.

This is a solid example of ADHSU delegates working with the Service to secure great outcomes for both members and patients. More secure workers mean better care in the community.