CCLHD Medical Imaging: Members stand up against changes

Following the previous newsletter on this matter, the HSU met with affected members to hear their feedback regarding the restructure proposal. Unsurprisingly, members were shocked and angry at the proposal to delete positions and reduce shift lengths.

Members have resolved to make the following demands of CCLHD:

  1. Abandon the current restructure proposal.
  2. Stop any changes to shift lengths. If any changes have already been made, they should be reversed.
  3. Maintain the Executive Assistant to Director of Medical Imaging position.
  4. Provide a complete breakdown of all vacancies within the Medical Imaging Admin team and indicate what stage of recruitment they are up to.
  5. Provide the notes from the consultation meeting.
  6. PPT to be offered additional shifts in the first instance before casual staff.

We’ve given CCLHD fourteen days to respond to the above.

Members deserve to be applauded for standing up to this proposal. You should not have to go above and beyond due to budget restraints. Instead of scrapping positions and hours, budgets need to be enhanced so safe and adequate staffing levels are maintained and the community receives the best possible care.

If you know someone who isn’t yet a union member, tell them what HSU members are doing to defend jobs and care. New members can join at or call 1300 478 679.