CCLHD Pharmacy Public Holidays

Recently, management of CCLHD Pharmacy placed all staff on a roster to work public holidays and directed staff to comply with the roster.
Since that time, the HSU has highlighted the fact that these employees are “Day Workers” as defined by the Health Employees Conditions of Employment (State) Award and as such did not believe the employer had the ability to direct “Day Workers” to work public holidays on a rostered shift basis.
Meetings with management have resulted in management agreeing with the HSU position and has withdrawn the direction for staff to work public holidays in accordance with a roster.
Management have agreed to work towards developing a properly staffed after hours service and until this has been implemented, all work on public holidays will be done voluntarily.
Members are advised to notify management if they do not wish to work public holidays or participate in a roster system.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Matt Ramsay on [E-Mail not displayed]