Changes at Uniting Wesley Heights – Have your say next week

  • Published August 19, 2022

The Health Services Union has been notified of significant workplace change that will be introduced at Uniting Wesley Heights. This is related to the implementation of the Household Model of Care.

Uniting management has advised of two staff briefing sessions which will be held on 24 and 25 August at 10:30AM & 2:30PM. Anu Mahimkar, your local HSU Organiser, will be attending the briefing on Wednesday 24 August to speak to union members.

During consultation, all relevant information about the proposed changes should be provided to you. This should include details about any impacts that the change will have on you or your colleagues.

As per our enterprise agreement with Uniting, management must give you the opportunity to express your views and raise any issues in relation to the proposed change. The consultation process is intended to help you to understand the proposal and how you may be impacted. Members should not feel pressured to agree to anything – or to sign any documents – until you understand the change, consider how it will impact you and the understand how the change will be implemented.

Remember, you have the right:

  1. To be consulted – To raise your concerns and to make sure your concerns are addressed.
  2. To be represented – Ensure you are represented by HSU when discussing major workplace changes.
  3. To join the HSU – Only HSU members will be represented by the union and only union members can access union assistance such as advice about your rights at work, and representation during consultation.

If you need help or advice about workplace changes email, please email Anu at [E-Mail not displayed] or call her on 0419 405 687.

New members are encouraged to join the HSU now at or 1300 478 679.