CHS Food Services Infrastructure: Update

CHS is proceeding with the proposed changes to Food Services Infrastructure that will see the relocation of Food Services Lockers, Staff Room, Toilets and amenities as well as the Dry Food store, Menu Monitors room, CHS Parental Nutrition store, CHS Thickened Fluid store and the Facilities Management administration area. See previous newsletter here.

The relocations will allow for the completion of the link tunnel between buildings 1 and 5.

You can view the correspondence at the below links:

  • Letter to HSU
  • Consultation Paper

The HSU has previously sought feedback from members on this issue. If you have any concerns you would like to add, please email [E-Mail not displayed] using the subject line CHS Food Services Infrastructure.

Your union at work

Everyone affected by these changes needs to be a union member. Members deserve to have control over their working lives. Tell your colleagues now is the time to join.

New members can join at or call 1300 478 679.