Clarification: Action at your hospital (St Vincents Hospital, Calvary Mater Newcastle)

You have received a newsletter from the HSU today which asked you to join your fellow HSU members in taking industrial action across NSW tomorrow.

Because of where you work, we want to provide some further clarification.

Your hospital does not come under the same industrial relations laws as other public hospitals in NSW as you are employed under the federal industrial relations system, which has different rules for taking industrial action.

HSU members at St Vincents Hospital or Calvary Mater Newcastle are encouraged to take a photo with a message to the Premier and send it to [E-Mail not displayed].

While you and your colleagues can’t take the same form of action as fellow members elsewhere in the NSW public health system, we know you share the same frustrations. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the union on 1300 478 679.