Clear majority of workers want to bargain at Southern IML

Your Majority Support Determination (MSD), signed by 128 Couriers, Collectors, and Rovers at Southern IML, was submitted to the Fair Work Commission (FWC) last Friday 13 August.

This is a very significant achievement. A majority of workers (far exceeding the 50% required) have made it clear that they wish to commence bargaining for an Enterprise Agreement. Today is the first step toward making significant change within your workplace. By standing together in solidarity, Southern IML will be compelled to come to the bargaining table where we can fight for the respect and conditions that you deserve.

You have been on the frontline of this pandemic, working extra hours and putting your own health at risk to protect your community. It’s about time for members to take a stand and enter into good faith bargaining with the employer.  

So what happens now?

The FWC will now seek to crosscheck our majority support petition to ensure its legitimacy, once they have confirmed that a majority of workers proposed to be covered by the agreement have signed, they will seek to issue an MSD. This determination compels Southern IML to begin negotiations for an enterprise agreement with the union.

Can Southern IML delay the process?

As with all matters before the Commission, Southern IML has the right to appeal. If they choose to do so, the process will be delayed while their appeals are dealt with.

As always, the HSU will keep you updated as the FWC proceedings progress.

If you know someone who isn’t yet an HSU member, encourage them to join today. With more members in the workplace, our leverage during bargaining is stronger and we can win better improvements to wages and conditions. New members can join at or call 1300 478 679.