Comprehensive answers to PTS roster reform questions

HSU delegates working in patient transport have been negotiating with HealthShare to ensure any proposed roster models lead to genuinely better outcomes for members. While HealthShare would like to be able to call all the shots and change the roster to reflect what a highly paid consultant has decided is most cost effective, HSU members will fight to ensure any roster changes are worker-friendly and fair for all.

Negotiations are proceeding as expected, with a new roster not projected until next year, but many members are approaching delegates with questions. While in-person meetings at hubs have been positive, not everyone has been able to make these times.

To address any specific questions about upcoming roster changes in relation to the award, delegates have organised a Q&A member zoom this Thursday 1 December @ 1400. This will be a meeting for members to connect and speak with delegates, as well as the ADHSU Organiser and Industrial Officer.

If you are unable to make the zoom because you are working, please forward your questions to your locate delegate and stay tuned. Zoom link will be sent via SMS on the day.