Control Centre Officers: Vote to endorse the Log of Claims

  • Published March 20, 2024
  • Industries

Currently, clinical and non-clinical CCOs sit in the same room, do the same job, while being on radically different salaries. Equalising pay is crucial to the function of the entire ambulance service.

Today, a group of ADHSU control centre delegates met to continue to solve this disparity. This involved the discussion and finalisation of their log of claims for the new Control Centre CCO Award, which will expire July 1st. This was followed by a member-wide meeting where these claims and potential actions were discussed.

Once these claims are endorsed by a majority of members, they will be sent to the Ministry of Health. We will then await their response and begin negotiations.

Click the link below to read the finalised log of claims and cast your vote. This vote will remain open until this Friday 22 March.