COVID testing requirements for members residing in & travelling into Fairfield LGA

As a result of new health orders issued yesterday, 13th July 2021 at 3:16pm, the following points may be pertinent for HSU members.

If you live in the Fairfield LGA and are working in any Public Hospitals or Health Services, you are now required to have regular COVID-19 tests so that you can continue to go to work.

If you live outside the Fairfield LGA and are travelling into it for the purpose of work, then you do not have any additional testing requirements.

If you live in the Fairfield LGA and are intending to test outside the LGA, then you must have your first test done by Friday 16th of July 2021. You must continue to refresh your tests every 3 days so that you have a current test which you can show a police officer should you be stopped and questioned. Leaving the LGA for the purpose of obtaining a current test will not be considered an acceptable reason for not having a current test.

The HSU encourages all unvaccinated members to register to be vaccinated.

The HSU will always advocate in the interest of our members, the work you do is essential in these difficult times. We are here to support you, in the same way that you support other people, often in the most difficult of circumstances. 

If you have a friend at work who is not yet a union member, please talk to them about the benefits of union protection and advocacy in these uncertain times. To join now, go online to or call 1300 478 679.