Dental Clinicians: It's time to negotiate a new award

The current Awards covering Dental Clinicians are out of date and not fit for purpose. After decades of stagnation, pay and conditions have lagged other states and private practice at a dramatic rate.

But this is more than just low pay and poor conditions. The attraction and retention crisis is becoming so acute that it is threatening the very principles of public dental services, as the Government forks out huge sums of money in vouchers for use in costly private practices. This money should be used to fund public Dental roles.

Now is the opportunity to fix this neglect and make Awards that are fit for purpose.

The HSU has commenced negotiations with the NSW Government for new Awards, including those that cover Dental Clinicians – Dental Officers, Specialists, Therapists and Prosthetists.

The HSU Dental Clinicians Committee has been hard at work reviewing Award issues and will an open meeting for all Dental Clinicians in NSW Health to debate these issues and begin the work on proposed solutions.

This meeting will be open to non-members of the HSU as an opportunity to understand the work being done and decide to come on board. Only members will be provided a vote on the key issues to be advocated for.

The meeting will be held online via zoom, registration is required with the details below:

Date: 12 March 2024
Time: 5:10pm
Register here

Not an HSU member? You’ll miss out on making a seismic change to your profession and the future of public dental services. Join today at or call 1300 478 679.