Dispute orders made against any staff movement bans

  • Published February 29, 2024
  • Industries

NSW Ambulance Executive is so desperate to protect their potential performance bonuses that they’ve taken ADHSU members to the Industrial Relations Commission rather than do the right thing and maintain Taxpayer Funded Rosters (TFR). At this week’s stop work meeting, ADHSU members voted in favour of bold action across the state to ensure that the Ambulance Executive can’t keep getting away with not providing the service expected and funded by the public.

This action, built off the back of strong local actions in the Mid North Coast and Central Coast, was good action for a good cause. However, today the IRC determined to make orders against staff movement bans effective immediately.

Orders here

The orders mean that all shift movement/splitting crew actions must cease.

As discussed in the stop work meeting on Wednesday, this cannot represent the end of this fight to ensure the people of NSW get the service they deserve. The fight will now shift to a public fight – and we all know that’s a fight we will win.