Do Patient Transport Officers have any confidence in HealthShare?


Yesterday, the final roadshows happened at Somersby, concluding roadshows at all hubs except Tamworth. As had happened at every other hub so far, HealthShare shared the four roster ‘choices’, with little regard for whether their proposed rosters work for patients, communities, PTOs or their families.

These proposed draft options were created by an external roster consultant, and bake in inequality for each format, with different groups earning different amounts. This contradicts HealthShare’s stated aim of creating fair and equitable rosters.

It has become clearer than ever at each roadshow that no matter the feedback, HealthShare are not planning to budge in any meaningful way. Members are feeling like broken records, asking the same questions, making the same demands, and receiving the same non-answers as the last round of roadshows. Anger is high and confidence is at an all-time low.

Roster reform does not need to be this drawn out or this painful. If HealthShare were interested in genuinely consulting with membership on roster changes, they would find a workforce who would welcome improvements and would happily offer solutions based on their on-road experience and first-hand knowledge of the NSW Health system. Unfortunately, the consultation process has looked more like HealthShare dictating already formulated rosters and trying to sell them, very unconvincingly, to PTOs.

Membership is sick and tired of this process and have had enough of dealing with this organisation who have constantly fobbed off questions about award compliance, implementation, group choices, area-specific demand, and hard data, with the ever-green response: “We’ll look into that.”

In light of this, PTO delegates propose a vote of no confidence in HealthShare. The results of this vote will be shared at a 30-minute stop work meeting on Tuesday 27 February at midday on zoom. All members should attend to connect, discuss the outcome of the vote and make their voices heard.