Federal Ambulance & Patient Transport Award 4.6% increase this year

  • Published July 6, 2022
  • Industries

In June 2022, the Fair Work Commission raised the minimum wage 5.2% from $20.33/hour to $21.38/hour, to better match inflation. This rise was hard fought for by Australian unions through the ACTU and puts an extra $40 a week in the pocket of full-time workers on the minimum wage. Workers on award rates will either receive a pay increase of $40 a week or 4.6%, whichever is higher.

While unions were fighting for an increase to match inflation, employer groups including the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry lobbied for wages to increase by only 2.5%. If they had been successful, this would have resulted in a real wage cut for the roughly one-quarter of Australian workers covered by an award.

With a strong economy and Australian businesses raking in record profits over the past two years of fire, floods and the pandemic, this increase will strengthen the spending power of working people, many of whom had no choice but to front up to work throughout the pandemic, just to keep the economy running.

As the new financial year has just ticked over, this is a reminder for HSU members covered by the Ambulance and Patient Transport Industry Award 2020 to expect a 4.6% increase for FY2022/23. This increase should take effect from the first pay period on or after 1 July 2022. In previous years, these pay rises have often lagged, for one or sometimes two pay periods, meaning staff were still being paid the rate of the previous financial year. If this occurs, the difference – including any overtime or penalties – must be backdated to the first pay period of the financial year and paid as soon as possible. Depending on the workplace, the first pay period of the year may be different. For instance, it may start on Monday 4 July, therefore the increase will start from that Monday, and any lag should be backdated to that Monday.

To assist, THIS TABLE outlines the gross weekly and hourly rates for members covered by this award, listed by common classification. There is a full breakdown of the updates, including allowances and overtime rates on the Fair Work Commission website HERE. If members have any questions be sure to speak to your workplace delegate or representative and contact HSU Member Services if you suspect there may be an issue with your pay.