• Published January 4, 2022
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Despite the Premier’s reassurances, paramedics know that NSW Health is struggling to handle the volume of work from the latest COVID surge. ADHSU delegates are starting 2022 by advocating for members at a meeting with NSWA tomorrow regarding workload, wait times and patient handover at major hospitals across the metro area. After two years, paramedics are still under massive strain and are often left with inadequate resources to carry out duties because the system is officially ‘coping.’

ADHSU has continued to receive reports of wait times in excess of 4 hours, with positive patients stuck in cars with paramedics or left in the ambulance bay without an appropriate waiting area. Two years in, this is not good enough.

Delegates will be advocating for the immediate reinstating of mobile welfare trailers for paramedics at hospitals that do not currently have any. These were hard fought for by the ADHSU last year and, at hospitals where they remain, allow for smoother handovers, and provide some relief during bed block.

Delegates will also raise better call screenings, crib breaks and PPE access with the Service, as well as pushing for a regular dialogue moving forward.

An update will go out to members following tomorrow’s meeting.

IF YOU HAVE COVID-RELATED QUESTIONS for the HSU, please email [E-Mail not displayed].

In unity,

Gerard Hayes

Secretary, HSU NSW/ACT/QLD