Free vicarious trauma training for frontline workers

You are invited to take part in a free vicarious trauma workshop and focus group for First Nations community health services workers and organisations.

When:  Monday 8 March, 12-4pm
Where: Zoom
RSVP: [E-Mail not displayed]

All staff who are exposed to trauma as part of their work are at risk of experiencing vicarious trauma. While vicarious trauma is a considerable Work, Health & Safety risk, it can be managed effectively to limit the human, financial and workplace costs.

The Health Services Union has funded Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia (RDVSA) to develop vicarious trauma management training specifically for frontline workers from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and organisations.

The workshop will look at:

  • Understanding the construct of vicarious trauma;
  • Differentiating vicarious trauma from burnout;
  • Understanding what contributes to vicarious trauma;
  • Recognising the symptoms of vicarious trauma experienced by self and others;
  • Identifying key individual and organisational vicarious trauma management strategies;
  • Understanding the role of psychologically safe workplaces in the management of vicarious trauma.

The workshop is free for HSU members. At the end of the workshop members are asked to provide feedback through a focus group to ensure that the program is culturally relevant.

To secure a spot, or if you have any questions, email [E-Mail not displayed].