Genesis Care Enterprise Agreement Update

Last week, the HSU and Genesis Care commenced negotiations for an Enterprise Agreement. Genesis and the HSU outlined their respective positions and set a timetable for future meetings. Genesis briefly discussed its growth strategy and financial position. Companies often ‘cry poor’ during negotiations to prepare workers for the claim that they cannot afford to give pay increases.

The HSU sought to establish a courteous and professional tone for negotiations. We have reviewed the company’s communications to staff since this meeting and we do not believe that Genesis shares our commitment to this approach.

A recent email from Genesis to its staff implies that the HSU is responsible for delaying pay increases. Genesis also states that the HSU has nominated the employee representatives who will participate in bargaining, and that the role of these representatives is to represent the position of the HSU.

As many of you will recall, the HSU held several mass meetings via zoom, at which employees were asked to put forward the claims they wanted in an Enterprise Agreement and to nominate their representatives for bargaining. The draft log of claims was formulated through this process, while the employees participating in bargaining meetings are those who were nominated during this process.

Any suggestion that pay increases are being delayed by the HSU is ridiculous. The Union is interested in increasing pay and improving conditions for all workers. The purpose of the Enterprise Agreement is to make sure that pay increases and improvements in conditions are guaranteed for each employee. Your Union has never interfered with any other arrangements which would see workers achieving pay increases. Nothing stands in Genesis Care’s way of passing on pay increases in the meantime. 

Unfortunately, claims of this nature are becoming typical of companies in a bargaining process, and are merely intended to sow division and cause confusion. Members should disregard this red herring and get on with the business of bargaining.

If you know someone who isn’t yet in the Union, show them this newsletter and tell them that our strength is in numbers. The more members in the workplace, the stronger our bargaining power and the better our results. New members can join at or call 1300 478 679.