Genetic Counselling Award Reform Update

On December 12, HSU Delegates from Genetic Counselling came together for a day-long session to finalise the claims for your Professions Award structure.

The focus of the day was building modern classifications which enable genuine career progression, remunerate you for the work you do and complexity of your profession.

The tireless work HSU Allied Health delegates have put in over the last 12 months means Allied Health Award claims are nearing completion and will be ready for review, discussion, and endorsement from all members. Once HSU members endorse these claims they will be presented to the Ministry of Health and Government.

In the new year, HSU Genetic Counselling delegates will be holding member meetings to explain the proposed changes and seek feedback from all HSU Genetic Counselling members. It is important you keep an eye out for news and have your say on the future of your profession.

Not a member? We can’t win Award reform without you, now is the perfect time to join as we campaign together for Awards which reflect the importance of Allied Health! Join today at or call 1300 478 679.