Gosford Hospital: PSAs Call Out Staffing Levels

  • Published March 20, 2023

On Wednesday last week, a meeting was held with PSA/Environmental Services members.

Members voiced their discontent around several issues within the department, particularly constant short staffing. The below resolutions were moved and endorsed by members:

  • This meeting endorses our commitment to work within our allocated zones as when the zoning was first introduced. We will happily work outside of our zones in the event of an emergency such as a rapid response, bloods, MET Call etc. We view short staffing as not a genuine emergency. Members further endorse, if there is any threats/intimidation or disciplinary actions initiated against the membership for following the resolution we will hold a two hour stop work meeting. We also ask for the allocated zone that our members are rostered be provided to our members at sign in/commencement of shift.
  • FTE is to be provided for the department to the HSU including a breakdown of full time and part time positions on a year-by-year basis for the previous ten years until now. We would also expect that included in this would be a breakdown of where the additional 22 FTE were fitted into the structure as well as isolation cleaners.
  • We would expect this to include managements of FTE for each zone allocation around the clock e.g. zone one-one PSA to each ward and three runners/unplanned in the AM along with a complete breakdown of isolation cleaners on each shift.
  •  A review of the afternoon shift model where no PSAs are ward based has been endorsed, because the situation is causing an overflow of rubbish and linen for the morning shift.
  • Members also have grave concerns over management’s plan to manage workloads when short staffing occurs or shifts can’t be covered, and how is this communicated to staff.
  • The introduction of a new system for additional shifts be paused until consultation can occur with HSU member and issues being experienced are worked out.
  • We call for the above to be provided by 5pm Thursday 23 March 2023 to the HSU with time to seek comments/feedback from our memberships.

PSA members have determined to work within allocated zones unless responding to an emergency until such time as management respond to serious workload concerns as raised above. If you encounter any difficulty with this, please see a workplace delegate. You can also contact your organiser Matt Ramsay on 0419 553 105 or Industrial Officer Greg O’Donohue on 1300 478 679.

Do you know someone who isn’t an HSU member? Encourage them to join our Union today and have a say at work. We are always stronger when we stand together.

New members can join at www.hsu.asn.au/join or call 1300 478 679.