Grafton Hospital- Proposed HSA Roster

The Grafton Hospital management has provided a proposed 24 hour roster for HSAs.  The proposed roster is available by clicking on here.  Management has also provided information pertaining to how the roster has been calculated.  The information is provided below:


Summary of roster:

  • There are 2 evening shift time options for the HSA team to consider.
    • Option 1: 1500-2330, provides 8 ½ hrs between late /early and an additional 8 hrs following ND
    • Option 2: 1515-2345, provides 8 ¼ hrs between late /early and an additional 8 ¼ hrs following ND


  • A PM shift is rostered after each run of nights to ensure the Award compliance of the 8 hrs additional sleep time


  • The full time lines of A & B will rotate each month and over 2 months provides:
    • 15 ND, 12 E, 11 A (av/mth: 7.5 ND, 6 E, 5.5 A)
    • Line A weekends off and Line B weekends on
    • Maximum run of shifts = 7 and this only happens once on each line


  • The part time lines of C, D and E will rotate each month and over 3 months provides:
    • 13 ND, 14/15 E, 14/15 A (av/mth: 4.3 ND, 4.3/5 E, 4.3/5 A). There is one shift on the roster that can either be a AM or PM – again up to the staff to decide. This will alter the total number of AM or PM shifts by one each month hence the variable in this calculation.
    • Line C 2 ½ weekends off, Line D 2 ½ weekends off, Line E weekends
    • We will recruit an additional .74FTE to accommodate this roster and this remains within the allocated profile FTE.


The HSU will be meeting with members on Tuesday, 5th September at Grafton Hospital.  All feedback and concerns will be sought at this meeting.  A time will be forthcoming following discussions with the GBH Sub Branch committee.


Do you know someone who isn’t an HSU member? Encourage them to join our Union today and have a say at work. We are always stronger when we stand together.


New members can join at or call 1300 478 679.