Have your say on proposed union structure in Metro

  • Published March 22, 2021
  • Industries

A few weeks ago, ADHSU delegates from all over Sydney held a delegates’ meeting to discuss ongoing campaigns and how we can make our union stronger in Metro.

One thing discussed was the fact that the sub branch structures may no longer be serving their purpose in Metro.

An alternative leadership structure was proposed, in which we could form a Metro-wide delegates’ committee with representatives from each sector. This committee would meet regularly and work out how to tackle big issues and campaigns that arise across Metro and be a voice for members in their area. Preliminary discussions suggested that two representatives from each of the four sectors would be a good starting point, with representatives from certain groups (e.g. control, ECPs, SOT) also being invited to meetings.

This structure, of course, would never replace the need for and importance of local station and control room delegates who are paramount to union representation and support in the workplace.

For rank-and-file members, we hope this committee would enable your ideas, feedback and opinions to be heard and more easily actioned.

Members can of course continue to form sub branches and operate as the per the Union’s rules if those structures are in place and working for them or if they want to form a new one.

Because this new committee is a significant change in how members are being represented, we are asking all members in Metro to endorse this change.

This change will only be implemented if a majority of members agree. If members agree, we will send out a call for nominations and outline next steps.

Here is a link to have your say: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/adhsu-metro-mar21