HealthShare PTS delegates to meet management to discuss rosters

Members in Patient Transport were told recently that their rosters would be changed. On the 6th of July, PTS staff were sent an email that consultations with unions would be commencing shortly. The HSU received notification the following day; however, individual conversations and a plan for managers to select staff for working groups had already begun.

Roster changes present a stressful and uncertain time for all staff. It is important that union members have a voice in this process, rather than rely on select staff members. HSU delegates will ensure that a working group with HealthShare will be guided by union voices, to find a sound balance between worker and patient needs.

HSU delegates from every base met on Tuesday to agree on a set of guiding principles for this upcoming roster reform as well as some ideas for what an ideal roster would include. These principles are grounded in good union values; that every worker should have equal access to ‘good’ shifts as well as a fair share of ‘not so good’ shifts; that rosters should be appropriately backfilled with permanent staff first, then casuals; that rosters should meet the needs of the area; and that fatigue must be appropriately managed.

Today HSU delegates will meet face to face with HealthShare management at the Ministry of Health.

This meeting will set the tone for roster reform and ensure it is union members leading these talks. A strong union means that the terms cannot be dictated by HealthShare. An update will go out following this meeting and members should get in touch with their local delegates to share ideas and concerns. Any members who wish to be considered for a spot on the committee should put their name forward via their delegate.