HealthShare PTS set for $3502 increase to base pay

On Friday 28 July, voting closed on the NSW Government’s offer put to PTOs and other HSU members.  

To confirm the result, former Commissioner of the NSW Industrial Relations Commission John Murphy was present at the count. 

An incredible 13,920 HSU members participated in this vote. This is one of the biggest votes in our union’s history and demonstrates the willingness and determination of members to participate in our union’s democracy. 

The results were confirmed and endorsed at an extraordinary meeting of the HSU Council. 

Of the 13,920 members who cast a valid vote:

  • 71.7% voted to continue industrial action for 100% salary packaging
  • 52.7% voted to accept an offer
  • 53.9% voted to accept a base rate increase of $3,502 

The HSU wrote to the Government and informed them of the decision of members to accept the base rate increase of $3502 to award rates. The letter also alerted the Government that HSU members have determined to continue the fight for 100% salary packaging and that they should prepare for further industrial action.  

The Government must deliver on all their election promises, including salary packaging and remove the unfair wages cap so health workers can properly bargain for better pay and conditions.

Work has already been undertaken by ADHSU in preparing for this next phase of our campaign. Together PTOs and other health workers can fight for a system where they are recognised and paid fairly for the value of their incredible work.

This is a huge task, but the PTS membership is ready.

Note that the HealthShare PTS Award is set to be amended to include the $3502 increase next week. This increase will be backdated to July 1.