HealthShare PTS: Strong simple bans currently in force

  • Published October 6, 2021
  • Industries

PTO Delegates met on Tuesday to discuss the state of HSU bans at this point in the NSW Delta outbreak. As the situation with COVID and BAU transports is continually shifting, strong simple bans that are easy to enact will ensure that as HealthShare continue to change directives, HSU members are keeping each other and the community safe. As the number of new cases each day plateaus and starts to decline, it is important that members remain strong to ensure there is no risk of another outbreak stemming from Patient Transport.

HSU Delegates wish to reaffirm the following bans:

  1. No crossing back over the COVID line during shift.
    • Once a COVID job has been completed on shift, the crew or officer will not complete any BAU jobs, only COVID.
    • A COVID job is classified as: confirmed case, suspected case, close contact, casual contact or positive but no longer infectious.
  2. No COVID jobs for any PTOs who are yet to receive their second jab
  3. Blanket ban on multiloading outside of family/household units
    • This ban holds firm and will be reexamined as the severity of COVID in NSW eases.
  4. No pairing up of single officers from different hubs
    • Following HealthShare’s own directive from April 2021. Single officers will not be paired up with an officer from another hub.

In addition to reaffirming the above bans, delegates are working to hold management accountable for keeping all HealthShare staff in the loop regarding special leave, pay discrepancies, the roadmap for stations who have not transitioned to COVID work, the future of the AHQO, and advising of any restructures that may affect staff.

Holding firm on the above bans is an essential part of keeping members and their communities safe as NSW transitions to a COVID normal. HSU members have done a great job supporting each other under difficult circumstances and, as management may start to push for efficiency over safety at the tail end of this outbreak, they will continue to stand up for their right to a safe workplace for all.