HNELHD: ICT Service Delivery members take a stand against workplace changes

Members in the ICT Service Delivery team have raised concerns around on-call arrangements, workloads/staffing, and changes to position descriptions.

On Monday evening, HSU members endorsed the below resolutions:

No HSU member will participate in the primary on call roster (unless it is their preference to do so). 

We also call upon HNELHD to commence a staffing review of Service Delivery given the onboarding of new facilities and contracting parts of the service to external parties across the District. For example, the onboarding of the New Maitland Hospital and also the Service Desk is now taking calls for departments which no longer wish to take calls (Network & Communications, Solution Development and Support, Enterprise Systems & Infrastructure, etc)

No HSU member will meet with management to discuss and or sign a new or amended PD. We also call upon HNELHD to provide all proposed new or amended PDs to the HSU for consultation with their members by COB seven days from today’s date.

These resolutions have been passed on to HNELHD Executive and are now in effect.

If you encounter any difficulties in abiding by the above resolutions, please contact your HSU organisers Matt Ramsay on 0419 553 105 or Tracey Gaddelin on 0447 245 492.