HNELHD: Operations Assistants Win!

In late 2021, Operations Assistant members from Tamworth stood up to management and fought for backpay and future payment of the infectious cleaning allowance.

HNELHD played hardball and fought back. HSU members took them to the Industrial Relations Commission but couldn’t get HNELHD to be reasonable and resolve the dispute. As a group, we decided to reject HNELHD’s insulting offers to and fight on.

The HSU urged the Ministry of Health to help and tried to pressure HNELHD to do the right thing. But there was no movement.

In 2023, Operations Assistant members from JHH joined the fight, inundated management with paperwork and threatened to stop all infectious work if they did not receive their entitlements. HNELHD quickly came back to the table.

Operations Assistant members have now won and received full backpay across the District! They’ve also secured regular future payment of the allowance in accordance with the Award.

Without long-term hard work and engagement from members, this great outcome could never have happened. Together, members achieve great results!

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